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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why sell sports cards and memorabilia on BidzKing?
    • Large number of sports cards and memorabilia collectors
    • Reach more than a million shoppers every week
    • You choose what to sell and how to sell it
      • Large array of inventory, from sports cards to fan apparel
      • Auction-style and fixed price options available
      • Best Offer feature lets buyers negotiate on fixed price items
    • Simple fee structure
    • Up to 4 FREE pictures with each listing
      • Pay a Final Value Fee only when your item sells
      • No buyer's premiums
    • The Sports Memorabilia, Cards & Fan Shop category is growing on eBay. Hot categories include:
      • Trading cards—especially baseball, basketball, and football
      • Original, professionally authenticated autographs
      • Team and player apparel
  • How can I help buyers find my items?
    • Maximize the 80-character limit for titles by including team, authenticator, player, year, etc.
    • Include item specifics when listing your item -Buyers filter search results with data from item specifics
      • See below for the most important item specifics by category


    • Year
    • Player
    • Manufacturer
    • Product (single, set, box, etc.)
    • Grading (Beckett, GAI, PSA, etc.)

    Original Autographs

    • Product (bat, ball, hat, etc.)
    • Grading (Beckett, GAI, PSA, etc.)

    Fan Apparel & Souvenirs

    • Product
    • Team
    • Size / gender (if applicable)

    Write a detailed description

    • Highlight the item's quality and uniqueness; this is especially important for autographs
    • Be sure to call out any flaws or special characteristics of your item — this will build buyer confidence and help protect you in the event of an BidzKing Buyer Protection case.

    Learn how to maximize your potential in Best Match sort.

  • How do I find out what my item is worth?
    • Millions of sports cards and memorabilia have been sold on BidzKing. Search BidzKing's completed listings to research the value of your item.
    • To see completed listings, search for your item and then click 'Completed Listings' under 'Show Only' on the left side of the search results page.Completed listings that appear with a price in green were sold.
    • Completed listings that appear with a price in red did not sell – either because they were Buy It Now listings that ended or because they were an auction that did not clear reserve.ImageExample for 1973 Topps Baseball Cards
  • What are the top tips for taking great photos of sports cards and memorabilia?
    • Remember, you have 12 free pictures for each listing.
    • For the best possible display of your listing on all BidzKing pages, pictures with a 1600-pixel dimension on the longest side is recommended.
      • Take a lot of detailed, close-up pictures from different angles.
      • Capture important features (autograph, date, grade, etc.) in your photos.
      • Do not use stock photos or photos from another listing. Take pictures of your exact item.
      • For sports cards, consider using a scanner. A camera will work fine, but taking advantage of the flatness of cards with a scanned image produces a clean look. Plus, it saves you time. You can scan the front of multiple cards at once then turn them over and scan the back. Crop the images and upload.
      • For apparel, consider using a mannequin to showcase your item. If you do not have a mannequin, accurately describe the fit and style of the item
      • If there are any flaws, clearly show them in a picture; this will build buyer confidence and help protect you in the case of an BidzKing Buyer Protection case.
      • For general tips on how to take great photos, visit the Photo Center.
  • Which listing format should I use?


    • Over 55% of bought items in the Sports Memorabilia, Cards & Fan Shop category are sold Auction- style
    • Ideal for unique, one-of-a-kind items Option to list Auction- style with a Buy It Now option

    Fixed Price

    • Approximately 45% of items in the Sports Memorabilia, Cards & Fan Shop category are sold fixed price
    • Ideal for items that have a clear, known value
    • Research completed listings and set a reasonable price
    • Consider using the Best Offer feature and let buyers negotiate a price with you
    • 115% of sales in the Sports Memorabilia, Cards & Fan Shop category come from sellers accepting a Best Offer from a buyer
    • Learn more about Best Offer.

    Check out BidzKing's Top 10 selling tips.

  • What are the best shipping practices for sports cards and memorabilia?

    See below for best practices when it comes to shipping items from this category.

    Sports Cards

    Original Autographs

    • To protect the item, wrap first in tissue paper
    • Once protected, bubble wrap the item
    • Place in a box with padding

    Fan Apparel & Souvenirs

    • Fold neatly
    • Do not crease over important item features

    See more Shipping Best Practices.

  • How can I be protected as a seller?
    • A number of seller protections are built right into the eBay process, and we also take actions behind the scenes to insure that your eBay selling activities go as smoothly as possible
    • eBay proactively identifies, warns and restricts buyers who appear to be engaged in devious or abusive practices
    • Report concerns with a buyer in our Seller Reporting Hub.

    Visit the Seller Protection page for more information.